Best of Tamriel #1

Greetings, fine folk of Tamriel! Today we bring to you a new column here at the Tamriel Sentinel, which will feature some of the great player-made content we find from the previous week!


First up is Elloa. If you do not know of Elloa, shame on you! She moderates the ESO community and makes great videos. This past week she has made two pertaining to ESO that are great.

On Mentoring:

On the v1.2.3 Patch Notes


Another great video and content producer is Deltia, of Deltia’s Gaming. Recently he posted a great video showing just how awesome the Dragonknight can be. I tried out a somewhat-similar build over the weekend (traded bow for a pyro staff) and I have to say it is pretty awesome. Unfortunately some parts of this build will probably be nerfed in the future!

Dragonknights Don’t Die #1


Illusive-Lucy is a contributor to the ESO community and recently posted an amazing screen shot showing off max graphics settings and the games great lighting and detail.

Not only another user, but a great blogger as well. He has been going nuts getting alts to the Veteran Ranks and has been doing a great job blogging about the experience and the characters he’s created. His post from last week was about getting a SECOND Sorcerer to VR

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