The Hoarding Adventurer: A Guide to Inventory Management


Many MMOs suffer from a common problem: Not enough bag/bank space to hold all your loot. ESO is no different for many people, but I am happy to tell you that with a little thought and a bit of management, you can easily keep tabs on your bank space.

Picking Your Loot
This is the biggest hurdle for all loot-hoarders: only pick up what you immediately need, or can file away. An example might be: you’re a Blacksmith and a Clothier but don’t dabble in any of the other crafts: don’t bother picking up wood, enchanting, alchemy and provisioning materials. Sure, you could make a little bit of money selling them but you’ll make more than enough in your regular questing. If you’re using this character to gather materials for an alt, get them to that alt as soon as you can.

BankStuffer (check out our spotlight on it here) will automatically stack and transfer items from your bags into your bank every time you open your bank.

There are other Inventory Management Add-ons available, decide what works for your needs and use them!

Banking and Muling
I suggest ‘muling’ things that you want to keep but may not immediately need. In case you are unaware, muling is when you use a character on your account (or a second account) to hold items for you, so they are not in your bank and not in your played characters inventory. Whether the Mule be a dormant or [semi]retired character, or a character made specifically for the task is up to you. For example, I have a Mule character who holds some of my pre-order/beta items and woodworking and enchanting materials which I plan on using, but at a much later date.

Keep all your materials and items intended for breakdown/research in the bank to clear your bags.

If you don’t craft, you have it easy. Sell all the stuff you don’t need! Bank stuff you think you might use for an alt if it’s ultra-rare, but keep in mind just about everything you loot you will most likely loot again. For instance, on two different characters I’ve now found five complete Knightmare armor sets. No need to hold onto them unless you have immediate plans for it!

Putting it All Together
Generally I find that my bags are getting full right around the time I need to head back to the Zone’s main city, so I find it a perfect time to go bank things, break down weapons and armor for materials, process raw materials and do more crafting. This happens roughly every 2 hours or so, and in the early levels it gives a good opportunity to make some upgraded gear and what-not as well.


Other Tips
Personally I don’t pick up Magicka and Stamina potions as I don’t use them that often during leveling. The same goes for Foods and I also don’t pick up trash loot which are intended only to sell to vender NPCs. I don’t find the money you get for them is worth the bag space when I could use that slot for more crafting materials or a weapon I intend on researching.

Enchantments take up a LOT of room since they don’t stack. I know they are tasty and you want to hold onto every one of them, I do to, but I use what I can and vendor/sell/decon the rest. You’ll get more enchantments, trust me.

Provisioning materials are bad for your bags and bank. Only pick them up if you are cooking.


At the end of the day, I don’t find going back to the bank every couple of hours to be bad at all, and it allows me to keep picking up all this glorious loot! 


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  1. Also don’t keep the ‘minerals’ (Starmetal, Molybdenum, Bone, etc) that you need to use to craft. You can buy that stuff from a vendor for 15 gp. It’s not worth holding onto and there are a lot of them!

  2. GrilledCheese28

    I’ve managed to get by with autoloot on, only because I’d rather save the time on the front end, rather than the back end…but others probably feel differently. It works for me. Plus I drop all the stuff I materials I don’t personally use in the guildbank. Then I don’t feel guilty about plucking out various things :)

    Is there a way you can move the CE Treasure Map packs among your toons? I can’t bank them, and can’t seem to mail them to myself.

    • Good tips! The only way to bank the CE maps is to extract them from the packs and bank them individually. I use a mule to hold them.

  3. GrilledCheese28

    Oh, and I cannot live without LootDrop add-on, so I can at least see the stuff I am autolooting.

  4. I use the Loot Filter add-on as well. I have it set to auto-destroy any provisioning mats I run across and to mark as junk any of the “sell to a vendor” items. Those I actually don’t mind since they stack and I tend not to have more than 2-3 separate types at any given time. Add in that I auto-sell junk when I open a store and. . . I don’t miss the 2-3 spaces.

    I just wish I could tell it to destroy the style materials automatically too. I still have to do them manually. Nothing’s perfect….

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