Upcoming Armor Dye System Tied to Achievements

In a post on the official forums, a user asked if the dyes were going to be tied to Trials Achievements. This seems to be a popular theory I have heard in multiple places and was even asked by an acquaintance if I knew if the dyes were going to be for Veteran Ranked players only.

Gina Bruno came in with clarification:

Dyes will be tied to achievements in general, not just Trial achievements. We’ll be sure to go into more detail about the dye system as we get closer to its release.

Most of the questions seem to have come from something I missed.

Image from ElderScrollsOnline.com

Image from ElderScrollsOnline.com

The tool-tip in the screen shot shows that the particular black dye chosen came from the weekly Trials Achievement. There are other dark greys and at least one black darker than the one selected, so I think there is hope that not all of the ‘desired’ colors will be tied to Trails/Veteran only content.


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  1. Why in the HADES WOULD THEY put it to trials … Especially for Role Play guilds that thrive on the ability to work in crafting for r/p?

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