Dragonleap is Always Necessary, Ya Dig!?



Last night I may have used Dragonleap on some trash mobs…
Guildie #1: Was that really necessary?
Guildie #2: No, but it was AWESOME!
Me: Dragonleap is ALWAYS necessary!

And so continues my obsession with the Dragonknight, because of this single class Ultimate Ability.

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  2. It may or may not look a little creepy to use Dragonleap when your Dragonknight is a little old lady named Sara Oakheart. Possibly. Probably, in fact.

  3. I considered making sure she always walks as slowly as possible (except for when running as fast as possible into combat to find a missing staff or something). But then I got sick of moving so slow, and now she dragonleaps everywhere as often as she can.

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